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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Wat Rakang Somdej Sales

🔥🔥🔥CNY2017 Promotion🔥🔥🔥

Item: Somdej Roi Pee

Temple: Wat Rakang

Comes with temple box..

CNY2017 promotional sales!!


Limited Quantity only..!! First Come First Serve only...

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Saturday, 21 January 2017

Salika Waikru Batch 2560 Kruba Krissana

Salika Waikru Batch 2560 Kruba Krissana

Master: Kruba Krissana

Year: BE2560

Batch: Waikru 2560

Preorder launch for Kruba Krissan waikru 2560 Salika Amulet..!!

Front with REAL Gold Takrut & REAL Ruby

Back with REAl Ruby , REAL Gem & Wealth Fetching Spider.

This is Kruba waikru 2560 official launch amulet. Item is selling fast in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, China & Taiwan..!! 

The effects of Kruba amulets is well known in the world so i wont elaborate more..!! 

Please pm fast now for your orders!! Item are still with kruba going thru blessing and will be arriving at House Of Barang soon..!!! 

Please pm for price..!!!!

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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Kruba Krissana Amulet Power

Bro winning strike on the roll.. Thanks Kruba Krissan Butterfly Amulet blessing..!! Power max..!!

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Sunday, 15 January 2017

Preorder for Kruba Krissana Amulet

💥💥Preorder For Kruba Krissana Amulet💥💥

🎉🎉Thep Jam Leng Butterfly Amulet🎉🎉

💥💥Block A Butterfly Amulet (Year 2555)💥💥
⏰Preorder available from 16Jan2017 - 29Jan2017⏰

Price: Pm me


Made in BE2555 by kruba Krissana. Using his most famous mould "Block A" for this batch of Pink Butterfly. Back of amulet embedded with Takrut, Gem stones & Phra Phom (4 face buddha).

Kruba butterfly amulets are known to bless wearer with lots of metta, loving kindness, good ren yuan, life to be smooth sailing. Increasing your metta so that people around you will like and be good to you. Gaining upperhand at work and relation with other people. Having good luck and abudence happiness & prosperity.

As this batch quantity is very limited, interested parties please leave ur name in the comment for comfirm order. All amulets are from Kruba krissana temple. Hence there is no casing for it.

Additional casing are optional:
Stainless steel $12
Waterproof $20

All amulets from House of Barang are 100% Genuine Authentic from Kruba Krissana.

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Thursday, 12 January 2017

Lucky blessing from kruba

Lucky lucky... Blessing from Kruba Krissana for 2017.. My hp open starter.. Win some money... Good Good Power Power for New Year..

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Kruba krissan blessing win Toto

Kruba Krissana Blessing again for me & another fellow bro who got his Mongdum Block B from House Of Barang.. Power blessing & Power Amulet..

Only 100% Authentic Kruba Krissana Amulets..!! 

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Monday, 9 January 2017

MongDaeng Butterfly Block A, Kruba Krissana

MongDaeng Block A by Kruba Krissana

Numlerk Handmade MongDaeng Block A, the only MongDaeng series from Kruba Krissana.

This pc is one of the five pieces which is hand pump personally by Kruba Krissana Himself. Made during BE2554. MongDaeng is the only series made by Kruba. Back is with full hand personal engraving yant by Kruba himself. 

All Butterfly Amulets from House Of Barang are 100% Authentic & Original from Kruba Krissana. Amulets can be verified at temple for authenticity proof. 

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Block Dream Butterfly Amulet Kruba Krissana

Kruba Krissa Butterfly Amulet
Block Dream Butterfly

Size: 5.1cm x 3.7cm

Back with handwritten yant drawn personally by Kruba Krissana during temple visit. 

Kruba butterfly amulets known as Thepjamleng helps devotee to improve and have strong & powerful metta loving kindness, let you be popular among others. Increasing your luck & many people prosper after owning the real authentic amulet from Kuba Krissana.

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Mini Butterfly Amulet by Kruba Krissan

Mini Butterfly Amulet by Kruba Krissana

Size: 2.5cm x 1.9cm

Back with takrut & gem. Embossed with temple Stamp.

The Effects and goodness of Kruba Krissana Amulets is well known all around the world. For Kruba amulets have bless many people from all walks of life. Blessing devotes with metta loving kindness, good life and luck, let one be popular among people and bring prosper to one's life.. Bringing good luck and bestow great wealth to devotee..

All amulets are being blessed by Kruba Krissana before arriving to shop. All amulets are 100% genuine amulets from Kruba Krissana

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