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Sunday, 22 February 2015

Mae Hong Prai by Ajarn Somrak

Mae Hong Prai by Ajarn Somrak

Master: Ajarn Somrak
Year: BE 2553
Material: 7 cemetery soil, metta love charming oil, gold foil, love herbs wan sao long, wan dok rak, special love charming ingredients only by Ajarn Somrak.

First batch Mae Hong Prai by Ajarn Somrak. Need not intro on Ajarn Somrak. Famous Love & Seneh master from thai-cambodia border. We already carry many well famous amulets by Ajarn Somrak.. 

Mae Hong Prai known to bring wearer charm, maha seneh, metta, granting of wishes, luck and wealth. You can pray to Mae Hong Prai to ask for help or wishes.  

We are very lucky manage to get 1 piece from master. Dont miss it..!!


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Sunday, 1 February 2015

Freehand Sakyant by Ajarn Lek

Sakyants done by Ajarn Lek.. Famous wealth on palm yant, customize yants, Dok Bua yant, 5teow yant.. All yants can be custom to your needs..

Freehand custom of Yant by Ajarn Lek to suit each devotees needs.

Ajarn Lek @House Of Barang
29Jan - 03Feb
Golden Mile Complex #03-65G
Call Angela 84400175 for appointment..

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