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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Eper / Yiper Amulet

Thailand's amulets are becoming very popular today because belived magic amulet worn by people  to protect themselves from negative energies, evil and injury, and also brings Lucky, Wealth, and encourage your life to fight any obstacle with a supernatural power help of ancient sacred magic in side amulet.

Over 300 year past, Million of thailand people (Celebrities, politician, athlete, Businessman, etc) still belived in Sacred Amulet will help who worship pass bad situation and resolved all crisis in your life and also protect Evil or Bad spirit can not back to attack you in future.

Believed this amulet good effective for Love, Charm attract, Fulfill love, Protection, Wealth, Business, Career, Luck

Attached behind with Phra Ngan, 2 Pink stones, 2 mini Takrut.

For more information, please contact us. Thank you


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Monday, 30 December 2013

Kuman Thong Gold Face 27 Spirit FINAL BATCH By Luang Phor Goy

This made and blessing by Thai famous guru 'LP GOY wat KaowDinTai' B.E.2556 or 2013 A.D year made. It has been thru Good ceremony and incantation blessed powerful. 

Believed this amulet good effective for Richly fast, Catch Money, Profit in investment speculate.

 This batch use PLAI KUMAN POWDER from 1stbatch  "PLAI-KOB-SUB 9 GOTE" and 2nd batch  "PLAI-TAWE-KOON" (Double power join).

 And MIXED more with New PLAIKUMAN of 9 Baby spirit (so this batch total made from Body Ash of 27 spirit baby} called this batch is RANG-PLAI-ROUM-PA-LANG (TRIPLE power join).

This is final batch of LP GOY. 
LP GOY which do consecrate made of the authority Khmer magical objects and incantations follow his Khmer traditional spell textbooks.

Main material of this Kuman thong mixed from 27 childrens ash bone who die from 27 different Symptoms (dead on night time only)

New ash bone of  9 dead girl
included ash from girl name "TIP" who die from pneumonia.,  Ash bone of a girl name "SOE" who die from heart puncture., Ash bone of girl name "sister MAS " who die from brain swelling, etc.

All 27 mixed with other holy stuff items such as steel nail of coffin from 7 graveyard, soil from 7 holy place and Metal from corpses bed in hospital. Mixed all at good auspicious time on Saturday night of the fifth waning moon. next process, LP GOY will use that material fill at bottom of every piece of AMULET series and blessing transfer the magic to every item.




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Jinjok Lizard by Ajarn Meng

This special (招财) Couple Chinchok(lizards) is good for Strongly Good For Metta(人缘). Thai people also believe that Chinchok GOOD for WEALTH. 

Effect is for Good relationship with everyone, Attract the opposite sex, Get rid of bad stabbers, Deal With Defensive People. Discover how to melt down all their barriers fast, Get rid of bad luck and evil, Be more respected and successful in business, Overcome all obstacles in life, Strong authority over others, Confidence to do the impossible, Smooth sailing in life and Strong protection.

Please contact us for more info.. Thank you

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Sunday, 29 December 2013

Ajarn Meng Khun Pean Amulet

AJ Meng has been studying Visha since the age of 14. He has studied from a myriad of gurus along the years. He studied Vithee Tang which includes the process of calling spirits to protect ones house, making of saney charms and other objects. AJ Meng studied Kru Lersi, Yant Nah Nah Thong and Yant Phrom See Nah according to the methods of LP Jong of Wat Nah Tang Nok and other yants according to LP Pan Wat Bang Nom Kho. LP Mee was showed AJ Meng how to collect the correct Wahn (herbs) for making powerful Khun Pean amulets.

AJ Meng’s amulets are unique and known around the world to be efficacious, in simple English they work. AJ Meng’s amulets are especially well known in the areas of Charm, Sexual Attraction and Wealth & Luck Attraction including gambling luck.

Khun Pean by Ajarn Meng, made with Metta oil & special herbs. Please contact for info.. Thank you



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Kuman Thong By Luang Phor Chuan

LP Chuan was born in year 1927, and ordained as a monk when he was 27 years old at Wat Sam Ngam. LP Chuan studied the magic from LP Tae - Wat Sam Ngam for many years then LP Chuan went to study the magic from many top monks in Nakhon Pathom province.Luang Phor Chuan Wat KhaoKaew, Angthong
Luang Phor Chuan, now aged 84 has served the Buddhist faith for 57 years. LPChuan teachers including Luang Phor Tae Kongtong of Wat Samngam, Luang Phor Cham of Wat Takong, Luang Phor Kong of Wat Bangkaprom, Luang Phor Tah of Wat Paniangtak, Luang Phor Noi of Wat Dharmasala and more.

LPChuan never wanted to be famous, but what is more interesting is that he had been secretly created Guman Thong amulets for his teacher Luang Phor Tae to be given to worshippers at the temple when Luang Phor Tae still alive long times ago.

Kuman Thong by Luang Phor Chuan in Metta oil

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Kruba Krissana King Of Butterfly

The legend of The Butterfly Deva, or King of Butterfly, better known as Thep Jam Leng, was said to be originate six hundred years ago in the spiritual realms of Cambodia. It was brought forth by white robed spiritual masters meditating in the forest. On the contrary to the new image, experts said that butterfly styled image amulets did once appeared back in BE 2482 year and hence disappeared until recent years. This is because the wicca / ritual spells to invite the Butterfly deva or Thep Jam Lang was kept and known only by limited spiritual monks.
Spider is a symbol to catch a lot of money and to bring interesting people into your life.In the Apocalypse of Thailand to the religious beliefs of the Brahma said - Hindu Brahma is believed to be destined. Fate of individuals from birth to death is called "Destiny" and the worship of Brahma in perpetuity. He is a true blessing.
This amulet will be wish for someone who respectfully for protect your business or use bring lucky for owner.Danger Obstacles Cease, Charms, Loving Kindness, Increased halo and fame, Working Smooth, Bring Prosper to Business, Wealth, Bring Lucky and Happiness.

Attached with Phra Phom, 4 Red Ruby Spider, 8 Gem, 4 Takrut (with plated gold encase net)

Interested parties please pm us.. Thank you! 

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Sunday, 22 December 2013

Luang Phor Dum Kuman Thong Roop ( Early Batch )

Luang Phor Dum lives in border of Thai-Cambodia.
He is the abbot of Wat Santhitham. He is famous in making Kumantong,
also known as the 2nd generation Ghost King which is after Luang Pu Tae.
The magic Luang Phor Dum learnt was Cambodia ancient traditional magic
which is over millenium mystery spell.
He had been walking to many countries practicing variety of ancient magic.
After many years of practicing, he created the very efficacious golden tongue Kumantong.
His mantra is similar to the first generation Ghost King, Luang Pu Tae.

There are not many masters that know to use old
power to transform fortune and attract wealth.
Luang Pu Dum also good in making powerful Kumantong and 
108 gold foil sticking protection spell.
Many devotees love his Kumantong as it is very efficacious.
Luang Pu Dum is also good at exorcism and solving black magic, 
 solving a lot of problems on behalf of devotees.

Interested parties do email or pm us. Thank You..

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Kuman Thong Ruun Ngern Lhai Lai Ma Ong Lek Statue by Luang Pu Lham

Kuman Thong Ruun Ngern Lhai Lai Ma Ong Lek Statue by Luang Pu Lham, abbot of Wat Samakkie Tham, Bangkok. Luang Pu Lham created the Kuman Thong in a number of 999 statues ONLY. 

Luang Pu Lham belongs to the great master of Cambodian Buddhistic Magic and the Grand Master of the old Khmer School. He is one of the few living great masters. His amulets & statues are valid as especially luck-bringing, in financial & business.

Luang Pu Lham created this statue after the ancient rituals of the mysterious magic book of Moo Khameen (Cambodian Magic) from an alloy of saksit loaded ancient holy metal among others from ancient amulets, Kuman Thong statues, Meed Mors, old coins & other relics.

The Kuman Thong is partially painted by hand. The base is filled with mass amount of holy ingredients which he made after a confidential and only him knowing the recipe himself. In the ingredient, 2 takrut Mahalap are embedded with small stones. Luang Pu Lham created a special Luug Om Mongkol Sarapa Dee 108 Amulet from 108 holy ingredients. This, with consecrated holy gold leafs gilded ball is also embedded in.

Kuman Thong gives its owner luck in private and professional areas. It also provide its owner with finance luck, favours and love. It is also known to protect its owners from danger and to guide the owner.

Interested parties please contact us. Thank You. ( Rented Out )

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