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Thursday, 29 January 2015

Khun Paen by Ajarn Lek

Special Made Khun Paen by Ajarn Lek

Made only 9 pieces

Legendary Khun Paen lived between 1491-1529. He was born in Suphanburi Province (some 70 km.northwest of Bangkok) but grew up in the close-bordered Kanchanaburi Province, where the world wide well-known "Bridge over River Kwai" situated.

He was a disciple of Acharn Kong, a magic-expert guru monk, for magical studies. Based on old legends, Khun Paen was handsome and very attractive to ladies. It's so he had many wives, and still many ladies fell in love with him. Khun Paen had magical knowledge. He used magic to make himself invulnerable and unseen to enemies, to change the marching track of the enemies to become labyrinthine field, and to change leaves of the tree to become wasps to sting enemies etc.

By Khun Paen's skillful fighting, he was appointed by the king to be Khun or a high-ranking military officer. His biography was far more extended and rather a fictitious story by poetic authors of the early Ratanakosin period or some 180 years ago. His baby-ghost son named Kuman Thong, he used magic to create him from a dead baby in the dead Bua Klee's womb. Bua Klee was a Khun Paen's minor wife. As on a legend making Kuman Thong is thrilling and has a complicated ritual. 

Khun Paen is known to bless worshipper with mega metta & attraction charm. With wealth & luck and the ability to gain upper hand at work. 

Not to be missed!


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Saturday, 24 January 2015

Special Mae Sherry by Ajarn Lek

Specially made only for House Of Barang Singapore devotees..!!

Mae Sherry Amulet by Ajarn Lek
Made only 29 pieces. 

Sister Sherry passed away 3 months ago. She was born in Thailand, Bangkok. Young & Pretty at only 25 years old. She used to work in Entertainment Line & very popular among everybody. Due to her pretty looks, she had alot of admirer & suitors. Sherry also is a very good elder sister. Working and saving money for her younger brother education and looking after both her parents. But expect the unexpected. She met into an accident one night when she was on her way home. Her petite frame couldnt take the impact and that fatal night she left the world. Rumour says that night was no ordinary accident. She was targeted by fellow colleague who were jealous of her beauty & charm. Till today we do not know the truth on what really caused Sherry death. But her soul lay unrest. Filled with anger, sorrow & sadness. Unwilling to leave the earthly world. 

Sherry family came to Ajarn Lek to seek guidence and how to help Sherry. After long meditation and chanting, Ajarn Lek took over Sherry remains and told Sherry to stay calm and archieve guide from god above. To help others who are in need so as to gain more merits so that her anger and worries will lighten and her soul will be able to rest.

This amulet Mae Sherry consist of Sherry Nam Man Seneh, Sherry's Hair, Sherry Items. Base with the soil around Sherry grave. Chanted for 49 days in total for all indivisual materials. Blessed and invited Sherry into amulet to bless devotees in Granting of wishes, Be attractive & Charming, rack good sales & wealth. Please do more tamboon donations if you are wearing Mae Sherry. Tamboon is greatness in giving. 

Pre-orders open now for Mae Sherry by Ajarn Lek. Please contact me for information. 

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Friday, 23 January 2015

Event: Ajarn Lek 29 Jan-03 Feb

House Of Barang is Proud to invite Ajarn Lek, Luksit of Famous Ajarn Sub to be back in Singapore.. Blessing all Singapore devotees for Chinese New Year Heng Heng Huat Huat.. package available now

Date: 29 Jan - 03 Feb
Venue: Golden Mile Complex #03-65G
Contact: Luksit of Ajarn Lek 84400175(Angela)

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Friday, 2 January 2015

Phra Sivali & Nang Kwak Takrut by Ajarn Dow

Phra Sivali & Nang Kwak Takrut by Ajarn Dow

Master: Ajarn Dow
Year: BE2557

Phra Sivali is an enlightened monk Phra Arrahun in the Buddha time (before Phra Sunkajai), He’s a greatest fortune-fetching monk. Lord Buddha praised him as the most miraculous monk for fortune.

During Lord Buddha and all his disciples pilgrimage. They walked through the jungle, there were no people but gods and the unseen creatures existed along the way they went by. There are no people offered food.

To wear and worship Phra Sivali amulet, the wearer always live with full of prosperity, strong wealth and luck fortune.

Nang Kwak is a benevolent spirit. She is deemed to bring luck, especially in the form of money, to the household. She is the patron Deity of all Merchants and Salesmen and can be seen in almost every business establishment in Thailand.

Thai people like to have a figurine or phayant of this goddess in their home or shop, where it is often placed by the shrine. Some people also wear amulets with her figure around the neck, which is a logical development, due to the fact that many people in Thailand must travel around to sell their wares, which makes a portable Nang Kwak amulet the obvious choice for such a person.


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