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Sunday, 30 April 2017

Phra Pikanet By Luang Phor Uthai

Phra Pikanet by Luang Phor Uthai

Temple: Wat Donsala
Year: BE2555
Material: Nur Thong

Phra Pikanet known as the destroyer of evil, to bless devotee with wisdom and knowledge and to clear off all obstacles and danger.. 

Effect: Best for secure Good fortune to Prosperity, Destroyer of evils and obstacles, Good in education, knowledge, wisdom and wealthy, Strong Protection from harm and danger. 


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Saturday, 29 April 2017

Nine Tail Fox Amulet by Ajarn Somrak

Nine Tail Fox Amulet by Ajarn Somrak

Year: BE2558
Master: Ajarn Somrak
Material: Cemetery Soil mix with 108 herbs, Yin Thong, Gemstone, Bone Chip, 2 Takrut

Locket version of Nine Tail Fox by Ajarn Somrak is here.. Using cemetery soil from 9 different burial grounds and mix together with 108 types of herbs. Enhancing the metta, maha seneh attraction charm from various materials incooperated in this amulet. Embedded with yin thong which is very good for relationship and charming purposes. Ajarn added in a bone chip that boost the power of bringing wealth and luck to wearer. Grantin wearer their wishes and helps them in all aspects. A pair of handwritten takrut for chok lup chok dee to help wearer to be lucky and recieve prosperity..

Katha and worship method will be provided


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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Restock: Takien wood with Coffin Nail by Luang Phor Som

Takien wood with 3 Coffin Nail 

Master: Luangphor Som
Year: BE2553
Material: Takien wood, Coffin Nail, 3 color Chant string

Restock is finally here for Luang Phor Som Takien wood & 3 coffin nail..!!! 

Takien wood is known to be holy wood in which a spirit possesse and stays inside the log. Such logs can be of great size and mass and are usually placed in temples. Many well known temples like Wat Bangkrang & Mae Nak shrine also have big takien logs resting and takien spirit is known to bring windfall luck!!! Many articles showing that devotees who pray to takien spirit gets to win lottery and strike big at casino. 

Embedded together with 3 coffin nails, for the pinnacle cycle for balance of all sides and coffin nails are known to bring luck and wealth too!!

Wrapped with 3 colors of chant string which represents, Luck, Wealth, Power

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Monday, 17 April 2017

天骨阴骨 Heaven & Hell Bone Takrut by Ajarn Pi

天骨阴骨 Heaven & Hell Bone Takrut

Master: Ajarn Pi (Siam Mao Master)
Material: Bone , Takrut, Chant string

天骨阴骨 The Heaven & Hell Bone Takrut, most sort after amulet from popular Siam Mao Master Ajarn Pi. Using the bone of deceased and enhancing the takrut with his own special power and wiccha technique. Combining methods and wiccha from thailand & Asia Mao Shan 茅山. This is a very old amulet which is very difficult to get nowadays. Representing the Heaven & Hell, the holder have control and command of them all. Able to seek assistance from heavenly gods and also to command the dead. The takrut pair works like the commanding tool 令旗 which is commonly used during Mao Shan rituals.

There will only be 1 pair of takrut available. Methods will be taught upon purchase. Thank you


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Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Khun Paen Cow Lup by Ajarn Somrak

Khun Paen Cow Lup by Ajarn Somrak

Master: Ajarn Somrak

Year: BE2559

Material: White Prayer Ash from 9 temple, 9 different kind of herbs for seneh & luck, Gem Stone, Real Jade & bone chips, 3 takrut

Khun Paen Cow Lup uses prayer ashes from 9 different temple at Northeast Thailand. Combine with Ajarn Somrak personal collection of 9 herbs for seneh & luck which is effective for attraction, metta & luck.. Giving wearer 长长久久 of blessing. 

Embedded at Khun Paen chest is red gem which signify the beam of life to shine the path ahead of you.

Back of Khun Paen embedded with 3 pieces of REAL Jade for abundence wealth & luck to bless for wearer. 

The bone chips of celebrity, to enhance wearer to be popular & attractive to others. Gaining fame & follower to wearer.

Base of Amulet with 3 written takrut for Wealth Luck, Metta 贵人, Seneh Attraction

Limited pieces only.


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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Wat Rakang Somdej Sales

🔥🔥🔥CNY2017 Promotion🔥🔥🔥

Item: Somdej Roi Pee

Temple: Wat Rakang

Comes with temple box..

CNY2017 promotional sales!!


Limited Quantity only..!! First Come First Serve only...

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Saturday, 21 January 2017

Salika Waikru Batch 2560 Kruba Krissana

Salika Waikru Batch 2560 Kruba Krissana

Master: Kruba Krissana

Year: BE2560

Batch: Waikru 2560

Preorder launch for Kruba Krissan waikru 2560 Salika Amulet..!!

Front with REAL Gold Takrut & REAL Ruby

Back with REAl Ruby , REAL Gem & Wealth Fetching Spider.

This is Kruba waikru 2560 official launch amulet. Item is selling fast in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, China & Taiwan..!! 

The effects of Kruba amulets is well known in the world so i wont elaborate more..!! 

Please pm fast now for your orders!! Item are still with kruba going thru blessing and will be arriving at House Of Barang soon..!!! 

Please pm for price..!!!!

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