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Thursday, 30 July 2015

5 spirit Khun Paen by Ajarn Lek

5 Spirit Khun Paen by Ajarn Lek

Master: Ajarn Lek
Size: 4.3cm x 3.2cm 
Material: 5 Spirit Nam Man Seneh,5 Spirit hardcore, Gold Takrut of Wealth, Silver Takrut of Metta Seneh

A very special hardcore Khun Paen made by Ajarn Lek. Using 5 different spirit to consecrete into Nam Man Seneh & using the bone chip of the same 5 spirit. Khun Paen is a well known warrior who possess the ability of super charming attraction, winning war, having upper hand at situation and the great wiccha of using spirit to work for him. 

This khun paen batch holds 5 spirit within which wearer can seek help in them. Granting of wishes, having the ultimate metta & seneh attraction, improving self luck & wealth. A very special Khun Paen by Ajarn Lek using very hardcore items in making this batch. As we all know Ajarn Lek spare no expense on using of powerful materials and spent a total of 49 days in chanting and consecreting this very special batch Khun Paen.

Do Not Miss this chance to own this very Powerful Khun Paen..!!

P.s: Katha & names of 5 spirit will be provided upon renting. 


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Friday, 17 July 2015

Hardcore Batch Mae Sherry Locket by Ajarn Lek

Due to overwhelming responds, feedbacks & request for Ajarn Lek Mae Sherry Amulet, master decided to have this very special hardcore batch locket for singapore devotees.!!

For this hardcore batch, ajarn uses not only Sherry Nam Man Seneh & Sherry hardcore. But also uses Sherry items to make into this hardcore batch. As we all know this is a part whereby all or most of the power reside. By embedding into each indivisual piece of locket boosting up Mae Sherry power to a different level.

As all 29pieces of Mae Sherry batch1 was sold out during ajarn Lek event in a shortspan of 3days. We recieve alot of feedbacks from our customers as they experience the power of Sherry and help in improving their daily life..

This will be the FINAL batch for Mae Sherry as all materials of sherry are fully utilized in each piece of amulet. DO NOT MISS THIS CHANCE..!!!

Hardcore Batch Mae Sherry Locket by Ajarn Lek
Made only 50 pieces. 

Sister Sherry passed away 9 months ago. She was born in Thailand, Bangkok. Young & Pretty at only 25 years old. She used to work in Entertainment Line & very popular among everybody. Due to her pretty looks, she had alot of admirer & suitors. Sherry also is a very good elder sister. Working and saving money for her younger brother education and looking after both her parents. But expect the unexpected. She met into an accident one night when she was on her way home. Her petite frame couldnt take the impact and that fatal night she left the world. Rumour says that night was no ordinary accident. She was targeted by fellow colleague who were jealous of her beauty & charm. Till today we do not know the truth on what really caused Sherry death. But her soul lay unrest. Filled with anger, sorrow & sadness. Unwilling to leave the earthly world. 

Sherry family came to Ajarn Lek to seek guidence and how to help Sherry. After long meditation and chanting, Ajarn Lek took over Sherry remains and told Sherry to stay calm and archieve guide from god above. To help others who are in need so as to gain more merits so that her anger and worries will lighten and her soul will be able to rest.

This amulet Mae Sherry consist of Sherry Nam Man Seneh, Sherry hardcore, Sherry Items & handwritten takrut. Base with the soil around Sherry grave. Chanted for 49 days in total for all individual materials. Blessed and invited Sherry into amulet to bless devotees in Granting of wishes, Be attractive & Charming, rack good sales & wealth. Please do more tamboon donations if you are wearing Mae Sherry. Tamboon is greatness in giving. 

Please contact me for information. 

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